Brush With the Law is a community service based visual arts program working within Montgomery County, PA and surrounding cities.

 What we do: Helping to bring awareness and understanding of people who have been affected by drug addiction, the criminal justice system, behavioral and mental health patients, at risk youth, those on probation, parolees, and connect them back with the community by doing murals and city beautification projects within the suburbs of Philadelphia. Participants learn new skills and are given art instruction and guidance that can be added to their resumés. Community Service hours are also accounted for and written documentation of hours and time given to their probation/parole officers. This is a positive, empowering way for participants to see the results of their hard work and feel the good that comes from repairing prior harm they may have caused.

Art changes the way we think. We bring the arts to individuals who have lost their way in life with the belief that participation in the artistic process significantly affects a person’s self-esteem and general outlook on the world. The arts are a vital tool in aiding people to use time constructively by rousing them to develop their self-discipline, self-esteem, work ethic, and interpersonal and communication skills while examining their lives and actions which led to their addictions, behavioral/mental health, incarceration, etc. 

Working on Mural at Norristown Police Station
Working on Mural at the Norristown Police Station with two of the greatest girls this program could ever come to know.
“This program was one of the best things that has ever happened to me! It allowed me to have creative expression during a trivial time in my life!” says this beautiful girl you see painting.

Brush With the Law engages with numerous government and nonprofit agencies for collaborations and support. Some of which include:

  • Pennsylvania Institute for Community Living Grove House (aka -PICL)
  • Norristown Police Station
  • First Presbyterian Church of Ambler
  • Youth Aid Panels of Montgomery County