Brush With the Law uses the visual arts in community-based beautification projects throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Projects are led by professional artists who create together with college students, socially marginalized populations (such as the homeless, incarcerated, probation, those in recovery or struggling with addiction), people assigned community service hours and volunteers from the community/neighborhoods we work in to create public art.

BWTL mural done at RHD (Resources for Human Development) CHOC (Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center) in Norristown, PA.  Participants who helped us - Bryn Mawr College and Arcadia University students along with residents and staff of the shelter helped make this lively, inviting mural found upon entering the building.

Mural painted in front entrance at Resources for Human Development’s Homeless Shelter, CHOC to help give less of an institutional feel and more of an inviting, accepting vibe.

Mural painted at the Norristown Police Department to honor the late Lt. Patty Simons The making of this mural together with police officers, inmates at MCCF, and those on probation helped bring the idea of community and working together to the forefront.

Brush With the Law has a YouTube Channel. Check it out…. Cause , why not?


that by working on creative projects that serve the community, marginalized individuals and community members start to understand and recognize one another as human beings.

The experience of feeling accepted and welcomed back into the community is a powerful stimulus for change among participants and the artworks produce visual affirmations of change, transforming “blighted” spaces to reveal the strength and spirit of the community.


ART PROJECTS create a collaborative and inclusive environment that bring people together to overcome challenges, provide a creative outlet for participants and offer the community an opportunity to experience working with diversified and varying populations.

Brush With the Law
“This program was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It allowed me to have creative expression during a trivial time in life!” ~V
Adding some love (graffiti) to the wall.

A shout out from Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick televised on C-Span at U.S. House of Representatives recognizing Brush With the Law as an outstanding nonprofit organization. ?

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick recognizes the Brush With the Law program as being an outstanding nonprofit organization at U.S. House on C-Span