Baggie Project

The Baggie Project aims to raise awareness through art, fostering open conversations about the real-life challenges and emotions experienced by individuals affected by drug use, particularly heroin and opiates. This interactive initiative encourages individuals not only to view the artwork at venues like art galleries and public forums on drug use and addiction but also to share their own brief reflections on addiction using provided wax vellum papers, symbolizing the typical substrate for heroin. Responses are from a wide range of participants, including family and friends of those in the throes of addiction, individuals currently grappling with addiction, and people in recovery. The project has reached rehabilitation centers, sober living communities, and Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings.SaveSaveSaveSave

– Address the nationwide opiate/heroin crisis affecting numerous lives.
– Combat the stigma associated with addiction and initiate meaningful dialogues with those battling this disease.
– Advocate for drug rehabilitation rather than punitive prison sentences, as a substantial percentage of the world’s prisoners are incarcerated, at least in part, due to the “War on Drugs.”

Written responses are written on a piece of wax vellum paper, a vellum stamp. (Vellum paper/stamps are typically the substrate used to place heroin on.) We have over 400 responses written, adhered to rice paper, and measured at 10ft. long by 3ft. high. Other iterations of the installation piece such as at –  the Art Association of Harrisburg exhibit –   the stamps were attached to a hand-painted 4′ x 4′ corkboard of the United States of America flag.

If you or your organization would like to participate in this project, please contact us at 215-872-577one. Email Maria Maneos at