Brush With the Law is a program uniquely designed to help alleviate depressive symptoms, heighten focus and concentration while creating works of art that are meaningful and self expressive. As a non-profit organization, it is very helpful to have patrons donate to help fund the projects we do.

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Brush With the Law works on art projects where recently released prison inmates, those on probation/parole, Behavioral Health/Drug Rehabilitation, Juvenile Justice, people with community hours to serve, as well as community members who just want to volunteer their time, work together on murals and city beautification projects throughout Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware Counties, PA.

We believe, and have proven, that the arts are a vital tool in aiding our participants to use their time constructively. This program helps to develop their self-esteem, work ethic, and interpersonal and communication skills. While developing new skills, they also examine their lives and actions which led to their incarceration, drug addiction, behavioral issues.

What Your money goes towards:
Brush with the Law Mural pic 7
The Process Begins
Brush with the Law Mural pic 3
We All Fall Down Mural
Painting on Canvas
Painting on Canvas

Brush With the Law is a 501 (c) 3 organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Brush With the Law are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.