In 2016 there were 4,642 deaths in Pennsylvania alone due to heroin/opiate overdoses. Brush With the Law, along with the help of all its constituents, has built a chandelier-like installation art piece. These constituents include those serving community service hours, people on probation/parole, people struggling with (or in recovery of) drug addiction, local community members and many others.

4,642 is currently on display at Montgomery County Community College’s West Campus Art Gallery in Pottstown, PA from August 30, 2017 thru October 28, 2017. The college itself is hosting our art exhibition titled “THE ART OF RECOVERY” displaying the paintings and drawings from inmates of the Montgomery County Correctional Facility, residents of PICL (PA Institute for Community Living)  as well as other facilities who have worked with Brush With the Law for the past 4 years.

Along with these artworks, will be the installation piece titled 4642 . 4,642 clear glassine baggies includes a one-inch crystal bead. These are to represent each person who lost their battle to heroin/opiate addiction in Pennsylvania alone in 2016.  Each of these crystal-filled baggies are then strung onto various lengths (longest lines being 22 feet long) of monofilament (30# Fishing Line).  They gently dangle from the second floor mezzanine ceiling of the art gallery and extend down through to the first floor where viewers stand.

A hand-built wooden frame supports a mesh grid where over 200 crystal baggie sewn lines supports the 4,642 crystal filled baggies .


The Baggie ProjectAnother installation piece we are currently working on and is on display at this exhibit is “THE BAGGIE PROJECT”.  People struggling with drug addiction – specifically heroin – will write a short response to what the “baggie” stands for or has stood for in their lives. Due to the “baggie” being a symbol for drug use, it creates many heart wrenching responses. Family and friends who have also been afflicted by the user are also welcome to participate.

Each response is written on a piece of wax vellum paper. Most noteworthy, these papers are known as how heroin gets around as it’s sold in a one-inch clear baggie. As a result, over 400 responses are adhered to a piece of muslin fabric that runs along a wall in the gallery. The public is able to walk along, view and read all of the heartfelt responses. There are also wax papers and sharpies for viewers to write their own personal responses and pin directly onto the wall.

DONATIONS are necessary for us to be able to complete all these installation pieces. Your donation helps us obtain quality materials as well as professionally frame all of the paintings and drawings.

Brush With the Law is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Brush With the Law are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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Mailing Address :  P.O. Box 917, Montgomeryville, PA 18936

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