Female Visitation Room

Mural painted in the Female Visitation Room in Montgomery County Correctional Facility in 2014. Every Friday for a month a Brush With The Law class of approximately 35 participants would meet inside the female visitation room for a period of 5 hours. The mural that we as a group collaborated upon is a depiction of men and women of all races, sizes, ages, and personalities skipping around a maypole together in unity. To the right of the maypole dance is a couple helping up a youth from a fall. The words used to help tell the story says in three separate sentences -“Don’t Look Down on Someone” “Unless You Are Helping Them Up” “We All Fall Down”.

Before the mural would be completed, there was one female inmate who was to be discharged before the mural would be finished; she had been concentrating particularly on one image of a boy. She asked the instructor, “I need you to make sure this boy is finished right, he has to be just so”, Instructor said: “Okay, I will take care of it. But why is he so important to you?” Inmate replied: “Because he is my son.”