Song written by Cody Stuhltrager, and Robert LaBarr

TERMINAL is a song about Death by Incarceration (DBI) also known as life without parole; Pennsylvania is a state that enforces sentences of life without parole otherwise known as death by incarceration.

Written By: Robert LaBarr and Cody Stuhltrager (Prisoners of SCI Phoenix – aka Graterford)

Performed by artist: Andrew Lipke of Philadelphia, Pa

Facilitated by: Emily Cooley

Video by: Maria Maneos


get up when you fall, that’s what they always told me

destructive patterns drawn, got caught up in the fold

blind and reckless paths, fuses burnin’ slowly

destined for a crash, mourning and confusion

i wish these wounds would heal…

but it’s terminal, a spiraling distress, a never answered why

terminal, it’s one life laid to rest, and another cast aside

it’s the end of the line

the gavel falls, the sentence quells, the cries for justice, yet we dwell

on fragments of potential, shattered, born and battered by this hell

frozen places house the mem’ries of the lives before these crimes

frozen faces, online pages, locked in cages till they die

now tell me why

until they die

and we all go blind…

terminal, screamin’ out for love, but no one hears me cry

terminal, nothing is enough, no matter how hard I try

still it’s the end of…

the way things were, we can’t go back, seasons pass, but still within my mind

you have been right here with me, all these years I’ve spent inside

the sleepless nights, the tears I’ve cried, I’ve put to work these weathered hands of time

ensuring that you won’t get left behind

ensuring that your mem’ry’s kept alive…

it’s terminal, we’re screamin’ out for mercy, but no one hears our cry

terminal, nothing is enough, no matter how hard we try

denial of redemption anywhere, is a threat to justice ev’rywhere, but they say their hands are tied

the cycle is sustained by suffering, to balance death they bury one alive, it’s people in despair

systematic stones cast down, distort the justice they claim to provide, moralities collide

paralyzed progress, caught in no man’s land, this burden we can’t bear, doesn’t anybody care…

that with one eye for an eye

little pieces of us die

so let’s abolish DBI…

white brick wall with art = change written in black marker
Art = Change