Honorable Discharge Vietnam Veteran Charged With Murder

This post is written by a Graterford State Maximum Security Prison inmate (located in Graterford, PA) who has been incarcerated since 1968 and is serving a life sentence. I came to know this man, Maurice Talley, when I, Maria Maneos, was applying for an artist installation at Eastern State Penitentiary. The installation was to be in recognition of those men who are still alive and had actually served time at this once most dehumanizing and disciplined penitentiary the world had ever known. Maurice Talley was one of those inmates.

He is a Vietnam Veteran and trying to find legal counsel as well as have his case re-opened for trial.

Below are his words:

Maurice Talley
Maurice Talley (aka Tally)
Honorable Discharge Vietnam Veteran – Incarcerated since 1968


United States Army, 25th Infantry Tropic Lighting – 1st Battle Group (CACTI) – 35th Infantry Incarcerated since 1968. Schuylkill County Pennsylvania. Needs Lawyer Assistance / VA Claims / State Court Appeal, Veterans Claims Benefits. Already established on remand to Philadelphia Regional Office by Board of Veterans Appeals. Agent Orange, PTSD Issues. Have 201 Files.

State Court Issues: Convicted of Murder,Sentenced to Life based all on circumstantial evidence. Did not take witness stand. Lawyer disbarred. Have complete transcript trial, Appeal, Divided State Supreme Court Opinions. Now back in Superior Court on Appeal.